New South wales



The Capital Of New South Wales is Sydney. Sydney Is famous for the harbor (the opera house and the harbor bridge) Sydney Does have a very big population of over 5 million. NSW has a population of over 8 Million

Western australia

The Capital Of Victoria is Melbourne. Melbourne is a  beautiful city but has gone though alot in 2020 Such as a 2nd wave of coronavirus and protesting. Melbourne also can have high crime levels

The Queensland Capital is Brisbane. Brisbane is a great city with a great location and an hour away from the sunshine coast and the Gold Coast. The warm pacific ocean can make the city hot







Northen Territory

Perth Is the capital of Western Australia. Most of Western Australia is desert. Houses in Western Australia are cheaper than the other states the population of western australia is 2.656 million    

The Capital Of the Northen Territory is Darwin. Darwin can get very hot as it is close to the desert. Northen Territory Also has the Uluru which is one of the most famous natural landmarks of Australia. The population of the NT is 245,353  

Canberra is not only the capital of the ACT but all of Australia Parliament house is located in Canberra. The ACT has a small population of 429,834 

South Australia

Adelaide is the Capital of south Australia. SA (South Australia) is 983,482 square kilometers big. And has a population of 1.767 million


Tasmania Is a small island located 460km From Victoria. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania the population of TAS is 539,590